Tuesday, May 24, 2011

St. Faustina Diary - #1385

"When I come to a human heart in Holy Communion, my hands are full of all kinds of graces which I want to give to the soul, but souls do not even pay attention to me. They leave me to myself and busy themselves with other things....They treat me as a dead object."


So often, when I focused on the Host at mass, I focused on Jesus' Crucifixion, His death! He died! But without the Cross there would be no RESURRECTION!. Jesus is ALIVE! The pain and suffering of the sacrifice brought about our redemption; our salvation! So, I need to change my focus.


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  2. "They treat me as a dead object" does not imply meditating on the Passion and Death of Christ. It implies that Jesus is saddened that too many of us look upon Him as if He is not living. See, the Eucharist is the Living Bread. Christ in the Eucharist is ALIVE and with us. He does not mind if we meditate on His death, rather He rewards those who do, for countless Saints over the centuries say this is the best meditation we can do daily to grow in virtue and grace. Why? Because it is through the Cross that we gain Life. Because it is picking up our cross with Him that we begin to live full lives. If we do not think of His Passion, we become ungrateful and selfish. We will think that we are the ones that lead us to God, instead of Christ leading us. We can do nothing of ourselves. We owe every spiritual and temporal gift to God's mercy on us through the life and death and resurrection and ascension of His Son, Our Lord. Christ in the Eucharist is the whole and entire Christ. We cannot leave any part of His life ignored, rather He wants us to love Him, the whole Jesus. Because He gave His whole self for each of us. In the Blessed Sacrament He patiently and humbly waits for someone to say, "I love you, because you are You. I will spend time with You because I want to live your Way in my life." If we saw a "dead" object, that means we see no life-giving gift in Him. Poles say only about 30% of Catholics believe in the Real Presence, now that is seeing the Eucharist as a "dead object".